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Created in 1982, in application of an agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Tunisia, the BTEI (Tunisia Emirates Investment bank) was devoted for a long time to responding to the investment needs of its corporate clients.

Over the years, it acquired an excellent positioning among development banks and an impressive portfolio of leading corporations. Following the reform of the Tunisian law n°65-2001 dated July 10, 200 relative to credit institutions, the BTEI was transformed into a universal bank with the denomination of "Bank of Tunisia and the Emirates" (BTE)

Its objective is to target, in addition to corporations, professionals and private individuals, to offer a broad line of commercial bank products while ensuring an excellent quality of banking services.
Crédits pour particuliers
Exchange Rates
 Euro € ( 1 ) 2,4600   
 USD $ ( 1 ) 2,2616   
 JPY ¥  ( 1000 ) 21,6600   
 CHF  ( 10 ) 22,7510   
 AED  ( 10 ) 6,1577   
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